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Laporta backs Marquez to take over from Xavi.

Barcelona Athletic boss Rafael Marquez has been backed by Joan Laporta in pushing to succeed Xavi Hernandez. ‘Diario Sport’ reported on Wednesday that. Barcelona president Joan Laporta is ready to support Barca Athletic boss Rafael Marquez to become the team’s coach. Azulgrana succeeded Xavi Hernandez

Girona interested in O’Reilly a Celtic midfielder.

Girona interested in O’Reilly a Celtic midfielder. Celtic midfielder Matt O’Reilly is a target for Girona and Inter Milan, but the player has little chance of leaving the Scottish team. Girona are another club interest in signing 23-year-old Celtic midfielder Matt O’Reilly, as are Italian

The importance of protein.

Protein is the key component of every cell in the body. Including bones, cartilage, muscles, skin, blood, and even hair and nails. In terms of bodily functions, proteins are responsible for building and repairing tissues. It also helps synthesize enzymes, hormones, and various chemicals, maintaining the balance

Add benefits to your favorite menu items with Flaxseeds.

Flaxseeds commonly sold in stores are available in raw form. Ready baked type and flaxseed oil Raw flax seeds may contain contaminants. So you should limit the amount you eat. or should be baked until cooked before eating. Additionally, eating finely ground flaxseeds is easier to digest than whole