Madrid boss insists there is no debate over goalkeeper selection.

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Madrid boss insists there is no debate over goalkeeper selection. Carlo Ancelotti insists the debate over Real Madrid’s first-choice goalkeeper originates from outside the club.

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti insists there are no internal debates over the choice of goalkeeper between Kepa Arrizabalaga and Andrej Lunin, although There will be debates about this matter outside the club.

The position of Real Madrid’s number one goalkeeper is still uncertain as Ancelotti is still hesitant in choosing between Lunin and Kepa, with the first being the goalkeeper in the Chijon game winning the Super Cup. Copa de Espana with Barcelona and the Copa del Rey round of 16 game with Atletico Madrid, while the latter will play in the semi-finals against Osasuna and will be the goalkeeper for the game. Receive Almeria on the Liga stage this Sunday. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Both goalkeepers made mistakes playing in those games, although Lunin made the Whites finish their journey to the Copa del Rey in the round of 16, Ancelotti still insists on Confidence in both goalkeepers 

‘A flawless goalkeeper doesn’t exist. Goalkeepers make mistakes like Kepa and Lunin did. This doesn’t change the confidence I have in either of them. The debate is external, I have heard it, but internally there is no debate.’

Asked again about the debate over the number one goalkeeper again, Ancelotti replied: ‘There is no internal debate. There may be from outside. But not here I’m the one who chooses the goalkeeper.’