How Cooking Spinach Affects Its Nutrients?

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While incorporating spinach into raw and cooked dishes can help maximize its health benefits. Some research shows that not cooking the greens preserves its lutein content.

In one study published in 2018 in Food Chemistry, researchers found that. After cooking spinach using various methods. The vegetable’s lutein content gradually decreased. When the researchers fried spinach at a high temperature. A considerable percentage of the lutein decreased after two minutes.

So, it’s important to consume spinach raw for maximum lutein intake. UFABET For example, try incorporating spinach into a smoothie, combined with healthy fat. Such as avocado or almond butter. When you chop spinach into small pieces, lutein releases from the leaves. And healthy fat increases the ability to absorb the eye disease-fighting antioxidant.

Also, a study published in 2018 in Food Science and Biotechnology examined the effects of different cooking methods on the vitamin content in selected vegetables. Including the researchers found microwaving vegetables was the best way to preserve vitamin K.

Blanching or adding vegetables to boiling water to remove their skins. Significantly reduced the vitamin C content. Instead, the researchers found that steaming vegetables was the best way to preserve vitamin C. Cooking also diminished the vitamin E levels. But increased the vitamin A content. That occurs when the plant walls become soft. Which helps to release and absorb the nutrient.

So, for the best results, mix up how you consume spinach—some raw, some cooked. But avoid overcooking your leafy green vegetables.