Black coffee has few calories and is good for weight loss.

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If you are losing weight and controlling calories Black coffee may be the drink that answers the question. Because black coffee only has two ingredients: coffee and water, it is relatively low in calories. 240 milliliters of black coffee may provide only 2 kilocalories of energy. This is considered very little compared to other drinks, including milk coffee UFABET

If milk or sugar is added The amount of energy received will increase. Many Thai people like to drink iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and various flavored syrups, making them gain more energy than drinking black coffee. Some people still like to drink blended coffee. The above ingredients must be added to preserve the flavor. This causes the intake of sugar, fat, and energy to increase several times. When drinking regularly, it can cause weight gain and increase the risk of certain diseases.

In addition, the caffeine in coffee helps speed up the metabolism. This increases the rate of burning excess energy and using more stored fat when exercising. For this reason, black coffee is beneficial for people who exercise regularly, athletes and people. Who are in the process of reducing their fat percentage.

For anyone with health conditions like heart disease blood pressure condition Gastrointestinal diseases, depression, other mood disorders. Including pregnant women and people taking certain medications. You should consult your doctor before drinking coffee and beverages containing caffeine of any kind.