Benefits of Celery.

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Celery is a low-carb vegetable that packs a lot of water, vitamins and minerals. The nutrients in celery have many possible health benefits. Including improved heart health, digestion, blood sugar and chronic disease risk. 

Might Support Heart Health.

The nutrients found in celery may decrease the risk of heart disease. The leading cause of death in the United States. One of the best ways to lower heart disease risk is by making lifestyle changes. Such as eating a balanced diet. Adding nutritious foods like celery to your diet can support heart health UFABET 

For example, celery is a good source of flavonoids, or plant compounds with antioxidant effects. Some evidence suggests that flavonoids help lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol and fight inflammation. Those factors significantly contribute to heart disease risk.

Vitamins and minerals , like folate and vitamin K, support heart health. Both nutrients help form red blood cells and are essential for blood clotting.

May Improve Digestion 

The fiber about one gram per large stalk—supports digestive health. Celery is a source of insoluble fiber. Which helps speed food through your digestive system. As a result, insoluble fiber keeps your bowel movements regular. Which prevents constipation.

Other health benefits of fiber include:

  • Adds bulk to your meals
  • Boosts fullness and delays the return of hunger
  • Helps manage weight