Rangnick admits that the Man Utd is still missing a lot of swans

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has confirmed Bruno Fernandes is safe from a car crash and is ready to play for the Red

Devils against Liverpool on Tuesday. Well, when Bruno, the key midfielder driving the Porsche Panamera, left for training as usual on Monday morning. Before having an accident, crashed into another car

Fortunately, the damage only occurred to the car and Bruno himself was not injured in any way,

most recently, Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick confirmed at the Press Conference before the game. Liverpool This Tuesday that Bruno is ready to help the team for sure. the UFABET report

“Yes, he trains with the team. An accident happened on the way to Carrington. but as far as i know No one got hurt,” said Rangnick.

“He trains with the team, he’s fine and that’s why I think he’s ready for tomorrow’s game.”

However, Rangnick admits the team will be without previously injured players Edinson Cavani, Luke Shaw, Rafael Varane, Fred and Scott Cattominay.

“Rafa doesn’t train with the team. He had to train separately with one of our coaches. but with other players who were injured We are in the same situation as the last two games.”