‘Moyes’ misses the opportunity to scoop points in Europe

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David Moyes admits West Ham United let their chances of clinching against better ranked teams slip away. After only having drawn 1-1 with Burnley

at the London Stadium, a shocking incident occurred after Ashley Westwood suffered an injury that worried everyone on the pitch. with Nikola Vlasic crying.

The incident caused the game to pause briefly before resuming and it was Burnley who took the lead from Woot Weghorst, but

the Hammers were able to return with Thomas. Soucek’s equalizer and they created enough chances to secure the win, with Moyes admitting they missed it. Report By UFABET

“It’s a game we missed out on. We have the opportunity to step up against the teams that are ranked above. But we missed our chances,” Moyes said in an interview.

“It’s a serious injury for Westwood, causing the speed of the game to slow down for a while. We were distracted at the time but it was our own fault and not anyone else.”

“We did pretty well and hung around at the door at that point. But came to lose the door We have a great chance to win with the chances we created and we should probably win too

. We’ll keep fighting and keep the results going. Nick Pope made some great saves but hopefully in the next games we can score.”

A single point puts West Ham seventh in the table. Tottenham Hotspur are in fourth with five points, but they have played more games than any other European competition.