7 techniques for shooting fish

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Fish shooting games are another gambling game in online casinos that are as popular as slots games or other games. It is popular with people all over the world. Because the game is easy to play, you don’t have to think much. In addition to the bonuses in the game will be given away, there are also free credits from countless other games, even fish shooting games. สมัคร UFABET

Techniques for shooting fish to make money

1. Shoot the fish that swim close to our gun. Observe the fish that swim as close to our shore as possible. Aim and calculate our money well and shoot that fish intently. Shoot until the fish die, doing this will make us not waste ammunition.

2. Aim the fish one by one. It is another technique that allows us to not waste credit in playing. Not that shooting this one, when the fish die slowly, shooting another one like that will cause us to lose credit in vain.

3. Choose to shoot small fish first. Why choose to shoot small fish first to save credits in the game and also to accumulate credits in the body as well?

4. Control the speed of shooting fish. If you shoot a small fish, maybe only 1-3 shots, the fish is dead. But if shooting a big fish or the boss of the game You may need to increase your speed to compete for points. Because each big fish scores very high. Especially if it’s a boss, then some games have a score of 1000 that has it all.

5. Increase the amount of ammunition Playing fish shooting games definitely has a moment when a big fish swims in. And we’ve been shooting for a long time but the fish hasn’t died yet. Let’s increase the amount of ammo from 1 to 2 from 2 to 4 to give the shots a better chance of winning.

6. Add credit for shooting It may be similar to the previous technique, but this technique will be added during the game scene transition. because there will be many large and small fish swimming out including the boss Rely on this rhythm to add credit to the shot. This is an opportunity to increase your winnings as well.

7. Use calculations The last technique to be used in the game The formula used is to calculate the ammunition that will be used to shoot a series of ammunition to shoot fish, for example, how many small fish the first set of ammunition hits? How many more shots did the second set shoot? By doing this, the probability that the fish will die and the prize money is huge.