3 techniques for finding a pair of cards in baccarat

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From the rules of Baccarat in this pair of cards That makes these bettors try to find a way to find a pair of cards. Baccarat comes up And in this article, we have a technique to tell you to help you guide more ways to play as follows.

1. Choose a baccarat room that has the result of a pair of cards coming out more than 3 times.

This first method may require a little patience. Because you will have to look for a table or baccarat room that has been betting for a long time, or about 10-20 eyes already. Which you have to wait to see if the pair of cards come out often or not If any room has a pair of cards that come out often during this time There will be a very high probability that the game of Baccarat in that room. There will be a large number of pairs of cards as well. Then you can bet in that room right away.

2. At the end of the game, pairs of cards tend to have irregular circles.

Pair cards tend to have irregular draw intervals, for example if at the beginning of the game between 30 and 50 there are many pairs of cards. In the end, the frequency of the pairs drawn will also decrease, so you should come in the middle. The game will be optimal. because there will be a chance of getting a higher pair of cards But if you’re already late in the game, calmly wait for the rhythm of the cards. or to win the card results in other ways is better By using the statistics of the cards that come out to help with that

3. The pair and the tie always come together.

Statistically, a pair of a tie card usually comes out at the same time, where if a tie comes out The next turn is no more than 3 – 4 eyes, the pair cards will not be more than this. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people will always wait to see their cards before playing pairs. There are 2 techniques to bet on pairs. From looking at the tie cards that have a high chance of winning, that is, when the tie cards come out and the next turn, bet on the pair immediately. Or the second method is to bet on pairs of cards continuously for 4 eyes after the draw card has come out. ทางเข้า UFABET