10 ways to read beginner poker players

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Today we round up the top 10 Poker Tells that you can trust in new player games.

This is just one example of reading a live tell that cannot be used in real life. In fact, reading a player’s character doesn’t provide that much information that can be considered as a key element of play. But it depends on a lot of things. Today we round up the top 10 Poker Tells that you can trust in new player games. ทางเข้า UFABET

1. Weak = Strong

This is probably the most commonly seen Live Tell in new players. The players who showed that weakness They usually hold very strong cards. such as sighing or acting not very interested in the game When do you see these moves? Prepare to meet solids.

2. Stay upright during play.

The stretch during the hand shows that the player is very interested in the board, whether it is already paired or trying to draw draws.

3. Quiet or talk a lot.

Players who often talk a lot. on the table, but suddenly there was silence Usually get very good starting cards. Just like someone who doesn’t talk a lot. Talking a lot There must be something strange waiting for us for sure

4. Voice

Players who wear black glasses or hoodies are often thought of as protecting others from reading Live tell, but these people tend to have weaknesses in their tone of voice. because it is the only one that cannot be concealed The most common observations are People with good cards are more likely to answer questions than people who are bluffing. They are afraid to answer questions.

5. Hurry up,

the players who are around It shows a smooth and hot attitude in playing, whether it’s asking the dealer who’s eyes are playing now. They usually hold good cards.

6. Card Protection

Players who put chips or anything over cards during play. Most of them hold very good cards. Play as Tell is the easiest to read.

7. Chip Throws

Players who throw chips violently tend to have poor cards. And to hide that weakness, he created a strong image for others to see.

8. Look at the chip after receiving the card.

The player who looks at the chip after looking at his card Usually have very strong cards. He was thinking how much benefit he could make from this hand. He’s already thinking about Bet Sizing on his turn.

9. Bet Sizing

and this is a Live Tell that doesn’t need to watch the players at all. Many new players People often have a problem with Bet Sizing, how much should they bet, big cards, big bets, small cards, little bets. Whenever he fired that big gun Get ready for a big encounter.

10. Solid

Players who freeze or freeze after Bet are often bluffing to cover up their weakness. He did not show any symptoms. So sitting still Because he doesn’t want to disclose information that the bluff is there